Simple DIY Chicken Waterer

Simple DIY Chicken Waterer

Not too long ago I was needing a chicken watering system, and I decided to use an old plastic bucket of sorts. I don’t know where it came from, but it is more of a tub than a bucket I guess. It is fully enclosed except for a small screw in lid.

With my pocket knife I cut a small hole in the side of the “tub” to allow better water flow out of the side. Of course, I made sure that the hole would end up below the water level in the pan that it sat in.

The pan I used is a rubber feed tub that I had previously used to feed calves with.

Build a cheap chicken watering system.

Build your own chicken waterer.

I then filled the bucket/tub with water, and quickly flipped it upside down in the tub. Voila, I had a watering system! And the chickens LOVED it!

Cheap chicken watering system.

And of course, I just saved myself a bunch o’ green, again!

~  Joe