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Build Your Own Chicken Waterer!

Need a better, cheaper way to provide water to your chickens? Well we did!  We recently retired one of the waterers we bought from the store after my 5-year-old Brown-eyed boy broke it trying to get ice out of it. I had this 5 gallon container, (I don’t recall where it came from), and I thought it would probably work well. It is completely enclosed except for the hole in the top. I also had an extra rubber feeding tub that worked great for the bottom part.

As you can see in the next photo below, I used my pocket knife to cut a hole in the top side, which, when flipped upside down, will be at about the right height so that the water doesn’t overflow the feed tub on the bottom. When the small hole is submerged below the water level in the feed tub, the rest of the water stays in the container and self feeds into the feed tub as the water level goes down.

And there it is!  The chickens love it!  And I won’t have to refill it for a few days…… The best part? I just saved myself about forty buckaroos!

– scribbled by Joe

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