The Lost Ways ~ How To Make The Ultimate Survival Food

These are hundreds of years old “forgotten” skills that were learned the hard way by the early pioneers. They lived in harsh conditions, conditions that most of us would deem totally unacceptable or even survivable.

Back in those days, they had no electricity, no running water, no refrigerators, no law enforcement, and definitely no grocery store or supermarkets. They were a people that had to be self-governing, in the most literal sense possible.

How did they do it? Obviously they made it work or we wouldn’t be here to experience life as we know it now! I really can’t think of anyone more qualified in sharing real-life survival lessons than people who lived through times like these.

Which brings me to this intriguing video. Watch it and see what you think. It completely fascinated me and I bet it will do the same for you!

~ Joe