My Levin Solar Charger in use.

My sons and I have a yearly tradition of backpacking to the woods immediately after the first frost of the fall. We love to spend a few days in the wild, with only the supplies we can carry on our back. We usually hike several miles into a wilderness area, find a good spot to set up camp, preferably by a water source if possible.

Since I am mostly a “work from home” Dad, I usually take my mobile phone along as well so that I can keep up with online “working” for an hour a day or so.

Which brings us to a new problem. How to keep my phone charged for 3 or more days while we are out. I don’t like the extra bulk and weight of extra battery packs, so I did a little research on solar chargers.


What I found fascinated me. I didn’t realize there were so many options to be had! After reading up on the reviews of many different chargers, I settled for a Levin Traveller Foldable Solar Charger. It has a USB port built into it so you can attach various devices to it to charge.

I have not been able to find the specific model that I bought anymore, but here is a very similar one for you to take a look at.

I have had very good success with this charger and take it with me anytime I will be away from a power source and need my devices charged. It is slower than a wall charger, obviously, but still does a very good job to get my mobile phone to a full charge within a few hours in direct sunlight.

Have you tried any solar chargers? If so, let us know how they worked for you!

~ Joe

A few photos from some of our recent trips.

back-packing trip  back-packing trip to the mountains  back-packing trip to the mountains 2