plexus-ease-creamSeveral years ago I sustained a pretty severe shoulder injury while working on a cattle ranch. Yes, I used to work cattle for years on ranches across Oklahoma. Hard work, but a lot of fun, well, most of the time!

It appeared that I had injured my left rotator cuff. I was in extreme pain for weeks and even months after my incident. But I couldn’t take time off from work so I just had to deal with the pain. Many nights the pain was too intense for me to be able to sleep, thus the beginning of popping dangerous doses of Ibuprofen.

But then I remembered something.

I had recently become an ambassador for Plexus Worldwide, a health and wellness company. Well, actually it was more like my wife told me to join because she wanted to try some of the products! Anyway, I remembered that they had a product that just might help. It’s called Plexus Ease Cream.

I started applying it every night just before bedtime, and I was AMAZED to say the least. Not only did it ease me discomfort, it almost eliminated it! I used it every night for a long time, and now I use it for almost anything, even chigger and mosquito bites, sunburn, and even poison ivy.

I have done a little more research on it now, and love the fact that it is natural, and not full of chemicals, like so many things are these days. One of the main ingredients is ETArol™ (New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Powder). This patented, green lipped mussel contains all the potent and wide-ranging properties of its sources, including joint support. In this double-blind study, ETArol™ was found to significantly help asthma patients.

Ease Cream helps the body to reduce discomfort quickly, safely and effectively. Simply rub the cream on the area giving you discomfort and within minutes you can have the temporary relief that you want.

This is amazing stuff to say the least, so be sure to keep it on hand. You can purchase it right here through my link.

Here’s to hoping you can find relief like I did!


~ Joe

*This content is sponsored by a Plexus Ambassador. Results vary, so yours may not be the same as mine.