Are you an iPhone user? Been noticing increases in mobile data usage over the last few months, but can’t pinpoint it?

Then you will want to check this out! The latest updates on iOS WiFi Assist lets you automatically pop over to cellular data if you end up on a WiFi network with a poor connection. That’s great for maintaining your Netflix stream or Facebook browsing, but not so great for your data usage.

If you have a very large or unlimited plan, you probably won’t care about the data usage as long as you’re always getting the best performance possible. If you’re on a limited plan, however, especially one with hefty charges for overages, you can easily turn WiFi-assist off.

First, tap on “Settings”.

Your screen will look something like this. Tap “Cellular”.

turn off wifi-assist on iPhone

Then toggle “WiFi-assist” off.

turn off wifi-assist on iPhone

You should see your data usage decrease immediately after applying this, especially if you tend to have weak or slow WiFi.

If you want to quickly return to this toggle at any point to turn it on when you have bad WiFi signal but good cell service, simply use the following Siri command: “Open Cellular preferences”.

You can also easily manage which apps are able to use data. Go to Settings > Cellular and scroll down to the list of apps. Turn off anything you don’t regularly use, as well as any especially data-hungry apps like those that stream music and video.

Hope this helps you out if you are an iOS user!


~ Joe