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5 Simple Gardening Tips


My daughter and I in the garden early one morning.

I practically grew up in the garden and still love to grow things in my raised beds. My mom and dad were avid gardeners and I learned a ton of stuff about gardening from them. My mom has since passed away but my dad still gardens some, even at almost 70 years old!

When my wife and I first started our own homestead

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Grow Your Own Survival Garden!

 DIY survival garden

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Want to have a more reliable food source for your family, but don’t have the garden space you need? This great article takes you through the steps of containers, soil selection, watering, and other tips to grow your own successful garden in buckets! I love this idea and hope you will be able to put

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Solar Food Dehydrator

DIY Solar Food Dehydrator

DIY Solar Food Dehydrator

I’ve always wanted to build a solar food dehydrator, so when I ran across a scrap piece of glass from a throwaway 9-lite door I decided it was time.

There are always wood scraps laying around the old homestead so I scrounged up some pieces that I had previously salvaged from a scrap pile at a storage building

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