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The Call Of Freedom

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Best Shaving Combo EVER!

Gillette Mach 3

Gillette Mach 3

By now you probably know that I like to give you guys reviews on different products that I love and use on a regular basis.

Which leads me into this next one. If you are a guy, I’m guessing you shave, at least at one time or another. Ok, I know some of you may never shave, and my hat’s off to you

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How To Whitewash A Pumpkin

Photo courtesy of tidbits-cami.com

Photo courtesy of tidbits-cami.com

So, are you looking for a simple way to spice up your fall decorations? Want something a little different than the same old orange pumpkins you see year after year? Well, I have found the perfect idea for you!

With just a little time, paint, and some driftwood pieces, you could have the perfect centerpiece or

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5 Painting Hacks For Your Next Project

Today I was working on a painting project for a friend. I have painted for many years and have learned a few tricks that I want to share with you today.

Painting is relatively easy, but it can also be a real pain and very messy. These tips and hacks will hopefully help you to stay a little cleaner for

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Automatic Watering Cups For Chickens

This is a super cool watering system that I found through a friend. I think I will try this system for my chickens in the near future. It should be easy to use this as an extension of a garden hose to provide constant, clean water. When used that way, it would need a pressure regulator to work properly. Something

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Deal Of The Day For Hunters!

OK, all you hunters out there. I have found some amazing deals for you today! Whether you need to replace that old pair of binoculars that’s older than the hills, or you want to invest in a quality range finder or spotting scope, these deals are for you!

Maybe you’re not into hunting but love

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Easy Brats and Potatoes Dinner Recipe

Brats and Potato Dinner Recipe

The other night we had guests coming for dinner and I needed something simple, quick, and easy to put together. Delicious was a requirement, because, I mean, WHO wants to serve something that’s not delicious! Haha!

My mind drifted back to this summer when we spent a few days at a cabin in Michigan with

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5 Simple Gardening Tips


My daughter and I in the garden early one morning.

I practically grew up in the garden and still love to grow things in my raised beds. My mom and dad were avid gardeners and I learned a ton of stuff about gardening from them. My mom has since passed away but my dad still gardens some, even at almost 70 years old!

When my wife and I first started our own homestead

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DIY A/C for Emergencies

Do you ever find yourself wanting just a little bit more cold air moving around the house on these hot summer days? To tight to buy a new A/C? Or maybe you live off grid and have a minimal supply of electricity. Then this may be just the ticket for you!

With a five gallon bucket, a small fan, some

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Hot Water With Compost!

Have you ever wanted a better way to heat your water in the winter or summer without an enormous electric bill? Or want an alternative to supplement heat in the winter for your house? This may just be what you are looking for! This fascinating video shows you how it’s

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An Easier Way To Chop/Split Wood

Photo credit ~ fieldandstream.com

Photo credit ~ fieldandstream.com

I used to split a LOT of wood when I was a kid and even after I got married and had kids. I grew up in a house with only wood heat, and absolutely loved it.

But I certainly wish I would have tried this method. It seems to me that it would be a much easier way (in some instances) to keep the log upright and in

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How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

Photo credit ~ top10homeremedies.com

Photo credit ~ top10homeremedies.com

Quite recently we have been dealing with ants in our house. While I know they can be controlled with chemicals, I was curious as to how to deal with the problem naturally!

So after some research, I found this article that I will be implementing myself, and hope that you will find beneficial as well!

You can read

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Secrets to Training Your Dog!

Correcting Dog Behavior

Correcting bad dog behavior…

It wasn’t meant to be like this……

You fell in love with your dog from the first moment he bounced into your life—but you never thought he would be such a handful.

If he’s not ripping your shoes to shreds, barking all night long or fighting other dogs in the neighborhood, he’s out there

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